Tha brand new Syspeace website – now also with worldwide hacking statistics

Finally, the new website is up!

We’ve launched our new website a few weeks back and some of the news, apart from a better design and easier naviagtion, is that we’ve also included a security status page to display statistics based on Syspeace installations that report each hacker attack around the world.

Have a look for yourself at . You might find something interesting in there.

The statistis are dfivided into to two columns. The originating country for the attack and the country from where the Syspeace installation reported the attack.

The statistiscs displayed are the last 30 days of hacking attacks and so far Syspeace has blocked more than 1.4 Million brute force and dictionary attacks against Windows server worldwide!

While you’re at the website, download a free, fully functional trial to ptotect your Windows servers, Exchange servers, Terminal / Remore Desktop Services servers, Citrix servers, Sharepoint serevrs, SQL servers and more from brute force and dictioanry attacks.

Syspeace supports Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and the Windows Server Small Business editions.

By Juha Jurvanen