Syspeace for Windows 2003 testing started

Syspeace - brute force protection for Windows
Syspeace – bruteforce prevention for Windows servers

Syspeace is an intrusion prevention software for Windows servers , protecting your Windows servers from brute force attacks and dictionary attacks.

This is just a heads up and a newsflash.

Yesterday evening we started live-testing the new version of Syspeace that also will include support for Windows Server 2003.

Other news regarding the next release is a new GUI and a rewritten engine for even better performance and future support for a few other things we’ve got in mind.

The public release is scheduled for January 2013

Syspeace works by monitoring the Windows Server eventlogs and automatically blocks, tracks and reports the intrusion attempt.

Each attack is also checked against a Global Blacklist, designed to keep Syspeace users preemptively protected from hacking attempts by blocking the attacker before they even get the chance .

Syspeace also automatically protects Microsoft Exchange OWA Webmail, Citrix, RDP, Terminal Server, RDWEB and more

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