A thank you note to all our Syspeace users

Yesterday , we had a great meeting about new features to add to Syspeace.

We really look forward to improving the product , implementing new stuff that we have in our roadmap and to implement some of the ideas we’ve received from our users

Our goal is to keep making your lives easier in fighting brute force attacks on Windows servers at a low cost and we will be adding new, nifty features that I think you’ll really like.

We had a look at the number of brute force attacks we’ve helped you automatically block and so far we’re up to +70 000 attacks successfully blocked all around the world . And that’s only since July 15th 2012.

Our new feature, Global Blacklist is growing by the day since we get more and more Syspeace users that share the information amongst each other and thus helping all other installations preemptively block suspicious brute force attackers.

Me and the rest of the Syspeace team would like to thank your for all the encouraging emails and support we’ve received so far and we hope to keep hearing from you.

We love that you share your ideas and thoughts with us.

Once, again Thank you for all your support.

Juha Jurvanen & The Syspeace team

PS. I you haven’t already downloaded and tried the new version I would highly encourage you to do so . The new version contains for instance daily and weekly reporting, separated messaging for different kinds of events and so on. All of them features we’ve added based on your requests . If you still want to keep running version prior to 1.20 of Syspeace that’s fine. It will keep on running until 2012-21-31 as we’ve promised  You could download the Syspeace trial and install it on new machines if you’re just curious about the new features if you don’t want to end your running installations with older versions. You may also have noticed we’ve made quite changes on the new website and added forums, license purchasing options and stuff. Go have a look and let us know what you think DS

Syspeace - brute force blocking for Windows servers
Syspeace – brute force blocking for Windows servers