#infosec Moving #Syspeace licenses between servers

The Syspeace licensing model is a flexible and easy to use model.

The license you used for the free trial is automatically converted into a live a license when you purhase a license. You don’t need to reconfigure.

You decide for youself if you want use Syspeace for a year at a time or for example 2 months and on how many servers you want to divide the number of computerdays.

You can use the same licensenumber on multiple servers and the central licensing server keeps track of licensing for you and you can easily extend you existing license.

If you need to move the license from one server to another, simply start the Syspeace GUI, find the reset license button and reset. Install Syspeace on the new server and you’re good to go.
Another way is to simply stop the Syspeace service on the old server and install on the new server, using the same licensenumber.

All updates and new, generic detectors are free to download for valid licensesowners and trialusers.

If you’re hosting servers or have many servers the easiest approach is probably to have one Syspeace account and use the same license for all servers but if you’re managing multiple external servers you’d probably want to have a separate Syspeace account for each customer for instance ACME @ YourCompany.
This way you’ll easily keep track of the administrative part with your invoicing.

By Juha Jurvanen @ JufCorp

#infosec #cybersecurity Intrusion statistics for the last 30 days by #Syspeace


At the Syspeace website there’s a page called ”Security center” that show some interestimg statistics on which countries have been attacked with  bruteforce attacks and dictionary attacks and from where the attack originated.
All of these attacks have been successfully blocked, tracked and reported by Syspeace.

The statistics are gathered by Syspeace installations around the world

Syspeace intrusion attempts statistics

#infosec #WordPress Syspeace WordPress Reporter – Brute force protection detector for WordPress #owasp #security

Syspeace WordPress Reporter – Brute force protection detector for WordPress by Syspeace

Syspeace - intrusion prevention for Windows servers
Syspeace website

What is the Syspeace WordPress Reporter?

Syspeace WordPress Reporter is used to collect relevant login data from your WordPress pages
login functionality. The collected data is sent to the Syspeace Web Detector which provides
Syspeace with login attempt information. This means that for the WordPress Reporter to work you
must have the Web Detector installed in Syspeace.

To prevent other websites running on the same server from sending login reports a Reporting
Token is used in the Web Detector Reporter. A reporting token is a password-like feature that is set in Syspeace settings and that value needs to correspond with the reporting token sent by the Web Detector Reporter. Unless they match, the login report is ignored in Syspeace.

How to install the Syspeace Web Detector PHP Reporter

Download the SyspeaceDetectorSDK-v1 and unzip. The Detectors and addons are free and there are also other detectors provixed for you to use in conjuction with webapplication logins for instamce.

How to install:

1. Install the plugin like this:
Put the SyspeaceWordpressReporter.php file in wp-content/plugins/
The file is located in SyspeaceDetectorSDK-v1Web Detector ReportersPHP
2. Activate the plugin by going to the plugin tab of the WordPress admin panel, selecting the
Syspeace WordPress Reporter plugin and clicking Activate.
3. Go to the Syspeace Reporter Settings tab that has been added to your admin panel.
4. Set Reporting Token to the Reporting Token set in Syspeace’s settings
5. Set Website to the name of the website
6. Click Update

How to use the Syspeace WordPress Reporter

To use the WordPress Reporter, simply go to Syspeace Reporter Settings and set Reporter Token to
the Reporting Token set in Syspeaces settings and set Website to the site name you want in the log

Once you have implemented the plugin on your website we suggest that you test i
t by making both failed and successful login attempts. You can then verify if the login attempts are recorded by checking the Syspeace Access Log under Settings Access Log in Syspeace.

What the Syspeace Web Detector PHP Reporter requires

The server running WordPress must have Syspeace installed so you would need to be running a selfhosted WordPress on a Windows Server

You will be required to install a Web Detector Provider in Syspeace as mentioned under
What is Syspeace WordPress Reporter

Additional free brute force plugins by Syspeace

In the .zip file there are also other plugins and documentation on how to write your own Syspeace Detectors and our goal is to release more detectors as they’re written by us or by our Syspeace users around the world.

By Juha Jurvanen @ JufCorp