#infosec Next #Syspeace release closing in with new features and more protection


We’re happy to announce that the next version of bruteforce prevention software for #windowsserver #msexhange #Sharepoint #remotedesktop #Citrix #SQLServer , Syspeace , is closing in and already running in select live environments.

One of the major new features is the support for external #detectors.

In short, you can integrate and protect for instance a #webapplication that’s not already protected by #Syspeace by default (Syspeace already protects any webapplication using the winlogon process and Windows Authentication mechanisms such as Exchange OWA, Terminal Server / RD Server rdweb login, Sharepoint and more ) with an API to have #Syspeace handle the bruteforce prevention for it.
Documentation on how to use Syspeace with your application will be released at the same time the next version is publically available.

Another new feature is the ability to export most of the settings from one #Syspeace installation to another.

We really look forward to this next step in the evolution of Syspeace and widening our range of functions, services and applications we are able to protect from unwanted bruteforce and dictionary attacks.

By Juha Jurvanen – Senior IT Consultant @ JufCorp



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