Syspeace for protecting WordPress from brute force attacks?

A lot of the Google searches now are about the ongoing brute force attacks on WordPress installations.

Syspeace does not, at the moment anyway, support WordPress specifically but here’s an idea I just got.

A Google search on WordPress and Active Directory gave a link to a WordPress Active Directory plugin and that gave me an idea.

In all fairness, I haven’t actually tried this out but the idea is that if you’ve intergrated your WordPress with your Active Directoy, an invalid login attempt should render the correct login failure event for Syspeace to find and therefore be able to stop the attack.

As I said, we haven’t tried it since we don’t have a WordPress installation up & running but if anyone’s up for trying the theory, feel free to download the free Syspeace trial and test it.

If you’re up for it, drop us an email and let us know if it worked?

by Juha Jurvanen


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