Reminder for early Syspeace users free license expiration by 31 Dec 2012

This is a copy of an email we’ve sent out to everyone using Syspeace.


First of all, thank you trying out Syspeace and supporting us.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the feedback and support we’ve got so far and know that Syspeace does help system administrators fighting and managing brute force attacks and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Until today , we’ve helped block over 632 900 brute force attempts world wide and enabling Windows server administrators also to be preemptively secured by the use of our Global Blacklist technique.
That’s just since July 15th when we went public.
Syspeace works.

Your Syspeace trial license expires on 31 Dec 2012
During your trial, Syspeace blocked X brute force/dictionary attacks for you.
The last recorded block was on X Dec 2012.

If you wish to continue using Syspeace for brute force protection and dictionary attack prevention on your Windows servers, you’ll need to purchase a valid license for it. otherwise the service will simply stop and you will not be protected by Syspeace anymore.

The licensing model is very flexible, allowing you to align your licensing needs to fit your needs and we dare say, it’s not very pricy either.

For license purchasing please refer to
To login to your Syspeace account:
just state the mail address you used for registration and the password you selected.
Your current license will automatically become a live license after purcahsing.

If do not wish to continue using Syspeace, we’d love to get your feedback on why so we can understand your needs better and try to sort things out for you and keep on improving Syspeace according to your needs.

If you chose not to continue due to the fact that you’ve installed it on a Windows 2003 server, we’ve got good news for you. We’ve started to develop a 2003 version also and it will be released no later Q1 2013,

Should you for some reason want to discontinue using Syspeace, we would appreciate if you uninstalled it from your system since it could render us unnecessary traffic when Syspeace tries to validate an expired license.

Here’s also a link to a blog entry I wrote a while back on the various methods of brute force prevention and the pros and cons on them if you’re up for some reading

Juha Jurvanen



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