Your Syspeace Trial License expiration is coming up. Not yet really but still..


First of all, thank you trying out Syspeace and supporting us!

Syspeace is intrusion prevention for Windows sérvers

For those of you who don’t know what Syspeace is all about.
In short it’s, an easy to use, GUI based Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS/HIDS) for Windows Servers , automatically blocking, tracing and reporting by monitoring the servers eventlogs for brute force attacks and dictionary attacks against your Terminal Server, Exchange OWA Webmail, Citrix, Sharepoint and so on.

A lot of our Syspeace users have been using it for quite some time now and they’ve more or less forgotten about it since it does all the job of lcking, tracing and reporting brute force attempts in the background so this mail is a reminder of what Syspeace really does for you and some info on what we’re up to with it.

Our goal is to have system administrators share our view that Syspeace should be a given part of every Windows server baseline security configuration, as a piece of the security puzzle. As with all security , Syspeace is only a piece of the puzzle , just as antivirus , firewalls, backups, Disaster Recovery plans and everything needs to be in place for your servers.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the feedback and support we’ve got so far and we’re confident that Syspeace does help system administrators fighting and managing brute force attacks and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Until today , we’ve helped block over 500 000 brute force attempts world wide and enabling Windows server administrators also to be preemptively secured by the use of our Global Blacklist technique. That’s just since July 15th 2012 when we went public.
Syspeace works.

Please check the Syspeace GUI for the exact expiration date.

If you wish to continue using Syspeace for brute force protection and preventing dictionary attacks after that you’ll need to purchase a valid license for it after that. otherwise the service will simply stop and you will not be protected by Syspeace anymore.

I will be sending you new reminder emails in December if you miss this one for some reason.

The licensing model is very flexible, allowing you to align your licensing needs to fit your needs and we dare say, it’s not very pricy either.

For license purchasing and information please refer to
To login to your Syspeace account:
Simply state the mail address you used for registration and the password you selected.

We’d also highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version since we add more features for each release. For instance, the latest version coming also includes .CSV files in the daily and weekly report mails

If do not wish to continue using Syspeace, we’d love to get your feedback on why so we can understand your needs better and try to sort things out for you and keep on improving Syspeace according to your needs

If you chose not to continue due to the fact that you’ve installed to have intrusion prevention for your Windows 2003 server, we’ve got good news for you! We’ve started beta-testing a 2003 version also and it will be released no later Q1 2013, probably in January by the looks of it.

Should you for some reason want to discontinue using Syspeace, we would appreciate if you uninstalled it from your system since it could render us unnecessary traffic when Syspeace tries to validate an expired license. And, again, we’d love to hear from you why you won’t be using Syspeace anymore in order to help us to see what we can do.

How to secure you’re Exchange OWA interface, RDP , Terminal Servers, Citrix and Sharepoint from brute force and dictioanry attacks and more

Here’s also a link to a blog entry earlier in this Syspace-blog I wrote a while back on the various methods of brute force prevention and the pros and cons on them if you’re up for some reading.
Feedback is always appreciated.

Have great weekend everyone

Juha Jurvanen
Senior IT consultant in backup, IT security , server management and cloud



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