426 821 brute force and dictionary attacks blocked on Windows servers, Exchange Server OWA, Citrix, Sharepoint, Terminal Server and more

Syspeace - brute force blocking for Windows servers
Syspeace – brute force blocking for Windows servers
Today I sent out an email reminding that the free Syspeace trial that expires on 31 Dec 2012 will stop working after that. This is the version that users downloaded prior to 1.20.

Just for fun, I had a look at the numbers.

So far , Syspeace has helped block and averted 426 281 brute force and dictionary attacks worldwide..
Syspeace helps system administrators securing their Windows servers, preventing Exchange OWA Webmail from being attacked with brute force attacks and dictionary attacks and also securing their Citrix Server, the Terminal Servers , RDWEB and Sharepoint and more.

The goal with Syspeace is to have every Windows server administrator share our view that Syspeace should be a given piece of the securiy puzzle that is the securiy baseline for Windows servers.

We want sysadmins to get dictioanry attacks and brute foce automaticay blocked, traced and reported. Around the clock.

A small piece of news also since I’m here writing anyways,
In the next release, that is scheduled to be released next week, a new feature has been added to include a CSV formated report in the daily and weekly reports.

We’re als working on Syspeace for Windows 2003 and it is scheduled for release no later that Q1 2013 , probably in January by the looks of it now.

I hope all of you get a great , brute force free weekend!

You could also try it out for yourself. You’re up & running & protected in a couple of minutes.

have look at the Syspeace trial download page.
Cheers, Juha Jurvanen



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