175 000 + brute force attacks on Windows automatically blocked so far by Syspeace

We had a look at the number the other day and since July 15:th we’ve successfully helped system administrators avoid over 175 000 brute force attempts on Windows servers world wide.

One of the key features in Syspeace is the GBL (Global Blacklist) that automatically analyzes and weighs every attack on every Syspeace installation and distributes the ones deemed too recurring to all other installations , thus making each Syspeace protected preemptively when the attacker comes to visit.

Syspeace is designed to automatically block, trace and report the brute force attack , thus giving system administrators less headache with all of the manual steps that has to be done for each attack. This means lower costs for administration and security work.

We thought it might be worth mentioning .

Download your own free 30 day trial at http://www.syspeace.com/downloads.aspx



Juha Jurvanen and the Syspeace team



Mellanstora företag näst i tur för affärssystem i molnet – Red Cloud IT

Länktips från IDG.se: Mellanstora företag näst i tur för affärssystem i molnet http://computersweden.idg.se/2.1085/1.467706/mellanstora-foretag-nast-i-tur-att-kopa-affarssystem-i-molnet Red Cloud IT har erbjudit kompletta molntjänster till företag och organisationer sen 2009 . Idag finns t.ex Visma, Pyramid, Björn Lundén, Flex, Crona Lön och flera system som används av våra kunder i molnet.

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Juha Jurvanen
Senior IT consultant in backup, server operations, security and cloud

New Syspeace 1.1.30 with brand new analysis feature released

Hi, Everyone.
As always we are trying to come up with new ideas and implement stuff we’ve had in our roadmap for a long time now.

Today we’ve released a new version of Syspeace with a few new features.

The major news is that there’s now a new feature in the Attack Control Section for further analysis.

The analysis section enables you to create reports on specific IP addresses, usernames or domain or do the reversed, i.e. find out all of the ones who are NOT a specific IP address, domain or username. Or sort out the ones with successful logins or only the ones with failed logins.

As a side note , we’re also happy to tell you that we’ve so far, since July 15th, have helped you guys block 73 000 + brute force attempts, gathered them, classified them, added some of them to the GBL that we introduced in 1.1.10 and thus helped you to be preemptively defended by getting this distrubited to all of the other Syspeace installations around the world.


Those of you still running an older version (prior to  1.20) we would highly recommend you had a look at the newer versions and the stuff we’ve put in there.

Here’s a list of what we’ve been up to so far:

Date Version Updates
19/9 1.1.30 Upgraded the Attack control: improved search and added analysis of login statistics.
11/9 1.1.23 Fixed bug where new installations would have problems with the reporting feature.
10/9 1.1.22 Updated registration process in GUI.
4/9 1.1.21 Fixed e-mail bug.
3/9 1.1.20 Added daily and weekly reporting.
7/8 1.1.10 Added global blacklist.
29/7 1.1.5 Fixed SMTP to work with Gmail.
15/7 1.1.0 First version! Basic functionality for securing a server from unauthorized login-attempts.

To download the newest version for trial or purchas pleas visit Syspeace download page

As we’ve stated earlier, the older version will run until 2012-12-31 but maybe you would be interested in the new features we’ve added?

For anyone running 1.20 + we’d highly recommend upgrading if you have the possibility and since we’ve also taken care some minor bugs in the Global Black list function.



Our roadmap for the nearest future is to start looking more closely into a Windows 2003 version since it’s been frequently asked by you guys.

While on the subject of our roadmap!

We’ve decided to start using Uservoice to gather you inputs, ideas and feature requests.

You’re all welcome to join us and share your ideas  in there.

The ones that gets the highest rating and scores will of course get a faster pace in our roadmap since our goal is to make Syspeace something that helps everyone to make their everyday Windows server administration easier and more secure

Have a look at the Uservoice site at http://syspeace.uservoice.com

Of course, you’re always welcome to mail us also as you’ve done before. We’re here and we love getting your feedback.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a peaceful, brute force-free day!

Juha Jurvanen & The Syspeace team
Syspeace - brute force protection for Windows servers
Syspeace – brute force protection for Windows servers

Syspeace on Uservoice

Ww have started using Uservoice to gather ideas and feature request from our Syspeace users.

The idea is simple, just visit our page on syspeace.uservoice.com , submit an idea or request a feature and we’ll try to implement the ones that score the highest.

This way we get a faster feedback and we get a better idea of what you guys want to see in Syspeace next

When those ideas and requests also happen to be the same as the stuff already in our roadmap., then we know we’re on the right track.

Syspeace - brute force blocking for Windows servers

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Juha Jurvanen
Senior IT consultant in backup, server operations, security and cloud

HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System)

Brute force protection for Windows servers has been a nightmare until now.

Syspeace is a low cost, easy to configure HIPS that automates the blocking of brute force attacks an dictionary attacks on Windows servers.

Syspeace supports Exchange OWA, RDWEB, Exchange SMTP AUTH connectors, winlogon, terminal servers and more.

Also included is a global blacklist for preemptive protection, white lists, separated mail notification,
reporting and more analysis features is under way.

Check out the Syspeace website for a free 30 day trial download


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Juha Jurvanen
Senior IT consultant in backup, server operations, security and cloud

A thank you note to all our Syspeace users

Yesterday , we had a great meeting about new features to add to Syspeace.

We really look forward to improving the product , implementing new stuff that we have in our roadmap and to implement some of the ideas we’ve received from our users

Our goal is to keep making your lives easier in fighting brute force attacks on Windows servers at a low cost and we will be adding new, nifty features that I think you’ll really like.

We had a look at the number of brute force attacks we’ve helped you automatically block and so far we’re up to +70 000 attacks successfully blocked all around the world . And that’s only since July 15th 2012.

Our new feature, Global Blacklist is growing by the day since we get more and more Syspeace users that share the information amongst each other and thus helping all other installations preemptively block suspicious brute force attackers.

Me and the rest of the Syspeace team would like to thank your for all the encouraging emails and support we’ve received so far and we hope to keep hearing from you.

We love that you share your ideas and thoughts with us.

Once, again Thank you for all your support.

Juha Jurvanen & The Syspeace team

PS. I you haven’t already downloaded and tried the new version I would highly encourage you to do so . The new version contains for instance daily and weekly reporting, separated messaging for different kinds of events and so on. All of them features we’ve added based on your requests . If you still want to keep running version prior to 1.20 of Syspeace that’s fine. It will keep on running until 2012-21-31 as we’ve promised  You could download the Syspeace trial and install it on new machines if you’re just curious about the new features if you don’t want to end your running installations with older versions. You may also have noticed we’ve made quite changes on the new website and added forums, license purchasing options and stuff. Go have a look and let us know what you think DS

Syspeace - brute force blocking for Windows servers
Syspeace – brute force blocking for Windows servers