The live website is coming soon!

Just a heads up that we’ll soon be launching the live website for Syspeace with trial download and webshop for license purchasing.

Syspeace is an easy to configure brute force prevention software for Windows servers that protects Terminal Servers, Exchange Servers, OWA, RDWeb and more. Syspeace also containa a Global BlacList to preemptively protect your servers from brute force & dictionary attacks.

Any Syspeace installations downloaded prior to the new website will run with full functionality within the version until 2012-12-31 .
After new website release, there will be a free 1 month trial and there will also be the possibilty for purchasing licenses for Syspeace.

We’ve been working really hard to get here and we’ve looked forward to getting to the point where we can start shipping licenses.

We also look forward to add even more features and functionality that you guys have suggested and quite few other new features we’ ve already got in our roadmap.



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